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Mary Jane Havener
2019-04-27, 22:20
Sharalee is a miracle worker! She resolved pain I have had for years. Rolfing is better at relieving pain and discomfort than any other therapy techniques I have tried. And the relief is sustained. Most of all Sharalee is spectacular. She really knows her stuff. It really is not too good to be true.
Tammy Bhembe
2018-08-23, 22:28
I came into Sharalee’s office full of pain and tightness and structural issues caused by SI joint issues. I have never been in a session so miraculous and informative! I walked out of the Rolfing session PAIN FREE and excited about continuing treatments with her. I am a highly active Personal Trainer teaching 10 classes a week and I am blessed to have Rolfing in my life to help me to move more freely and to continue to do what I love without the pain!
Registered Nurse
2018-08-16, 04:32
Rolfing is life altering. I have been an RN for 25 years. I thought back pain, leg pain, and leg swelling were just a normal part of the aging process. After Rolfing I am pain free. I don’t need to wear compression stockings for my 12 hour shifts. I don’t wake up stiff and sore. Rolfing has changed my whole life!
Jay & Michelle F.
2018-08-01, 15:57
We highly recommend the Cranial Sacral session services of Sharalee Hoelscher, RCST (Registered Craniosacral Therapist). My long-time primary care physician, a highly-talented and much respected D.O., recommended that I get Cranial Sacral treatments for a concussion that was causing several adverse symptoms. Since my wife and I travel extensively throughout the U.S. for work and play this can be challenging at times. Recently, we spent about 6 weeks in the Pensacola Florida area and I had the good fortune to have several Cranial Sacral sessions given by Sharalee Hoelscher at her Pensacola office. We found Sharalee to be caring, professional and extremely talented in her practice. Since we travel so much I have had opportunity to work with several highly talented and respected D.O.'s and practitioners who perform Cranial Sacral therapy. We can say with great confidence and appreciation that Sharalee ranks at the highest level among the gifted practitioners we have encountered in this field. We have found that cranial sacral sessions when administered by a health professional like Sharalee have many positive benefits which are not limited to the malady being treated. Cranial sacral therapy has greatly reduced my symptoms from my severe concussion while also significantly improving my overall health and well-being, as it treats the whole person and is a long and respected Osteopathic Medicine tradition.
2018-07-18, 23:46
What a blessing Rolfing has been already after 3 visits! I recently moved and no longer could go to my Myofascial Release Therapy. However, Sharalee has helped me so much in 3 visits comparable to many visits with Myofascial Release. Sharalee has gotten right to the issues that need worked in the most. My body Is a challenge having Degenerative Disc Disease, neck fusion, lumbar bulging disc and pinched nerves, and Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome just to mention a few. I can’t just trust anyone with my neck out of fear of getting hurt. But I trust Sharalee and highly recommend her.
Traci McCoy
2017-08-11, 00:31
Sharalee is a God send. I was in a car accident 20 years ago and had suffered from severe whip lash and all the degenerative issues that come with. I felt like my head weighed 1000 lbs and my body was a bunch of puzzle pieces that were put back together incorrectly. I had constant pain that I had lived with for 20 years and I thought that this was my lot in life. Ten sessions later I am a new person with a lightness I have not experienced since my 20's. She has done what physical therapist, chiropractors, massage therapists, and acupuncturist could not do---she fixed me. This has changed. my outlook on life and my overall attitude and I am eternally grateful for her and her skilled hands. Thank you Sharalee!
Grace Skrobisz
2017-05-11, 16:45
Sharalee has been helping me in my recovery and healing from a concussion with craniosacral therapy sessions. She is highly professional, and highly skilled in her technique. Her intuitive touch allows her to pinpoint the best hand positions to encourage the engagement of the long tide in the biodynamic craniosacral system, bringing stillpoint and deep healing. I highly recommend craniosacral therapy in general, and I specifically encourage Sharalee as an effective, kind, and talented practitioner. After a session with her, my healing and recovery gets a significant increase.
2017-05-03, 01:18
I highly recommend Sharalee and Rolfing. I had all 10 sessions and could not be happier with the results. I experienced increased range of motion, improved flexibility, and improvements in gait. All of this translates into a more efficient human experience.
2015-12-02, 23:32
Five Rolfing sessions with Sharalee have done what medical doctors have not been able to do in over 15 years. Two months ago my movement was so bad and pain so great Ibuprofen was my friend. Had to sleep in my recliner as I could not sleep in a bed. Could not do many simple things like put my socks on or tie my shoes. Had to ask for help trimming toe nails. Bending over to pick something up off the floor was impossible. Was recommended to try Rolfing with Sharalee. Having tried various treatments over the past few years for pain and lack of movement I thought what have I got to lose. Went to the first session with an open mind and was amazed with the results. Saw quite a difference in my pain and movement so scheduled another session. Even better results and started to get excited about Rolfing. Had a bout with extreme back pain and went to urgent care as thought maybe back disc problems again. Had surgery many years ago for a herniated disc. X-ray showed back was Ok and was given prescription drugs to stop the pain. Went to see Sharalee the next day and told her about my urgent care visit so she went to work. Walked out of that session with no back pain. I have experienced the ability to lay flat on my back with no pillow, no pain and in total comfort now. This is something I have not been able to do for years. She continues to amaze me every visit with the freedom of movement that happens. Posture has improved, attitude is better, movement without pain is amazing. Can even sleep all night in my bed now and wake up feeling refreshed. Following her suggestions of stretching and body position during normal daily activities has helped tremendously.
Sara H.
2015-11-12, 16:15
Being referred to Sharalee was such a blessing. I was suffering from terrible sciatica pain on both sides since becoming pregnant. I had pain walking and worse pain bending forward. Had been to massage therapy, but got only temporary relief from massage. Within 2 Rolfing sessions Sharalee repaired the issue. Since then, I have had no pain, no issues walking or bending. She also helped address a shoulder issue I have had for over 8 years and continue to see great improvement for something I have tried many other treatments for. Highly recommend Rolfing, especially for those going to massage therapy, as massage is only temporary relief. Sharalee not only addresses the root of the problem (not the symptom) but also takes time to provide knowledgeable insight on daily life habits to improve issues.
2015-09-21, 17:17
I came to Sharalee as most do (I am sure) expecting relief at best for my shoulder and back pain. I've been seeing massage therapists for over 7 years and so I expected little more than that.
What I received was not relief but REPAIR. True corrections of the underlying real problems. I am going to be a ROLFING enthusiast for life!
Sharalee was professional, intuitive and a great healer~ I recommend everyone to experience what she offers and you will KNOW the difference. Bless you Sharalee... Namaste
2015-08-02, 16:33
Rolfing with Sharalee has been amazing! Sharalee is very professional and had my overall health as top priority. When I first started I had a hernia and distasis recti. Now my hernia is healed and distasis is closed to 1 centimeter, but the healing doesn't end right there, I have freedom of movment in the pelvis, shoulders, and neck that I never new was possible. Correct posture is something I no longer have to work at, it's where my body wants to rest naturally. I have benefited from this so much that I would highly recommend her to everyone.
Sue Quackenbush
2015-06-15, 21:40
Sharolee is amazing! Went to see her about my achilles heels on both ankles. I took all 10 sessions with her and when I was finished, I felt better than I ever had before. Not only have my achilles heels stopped hurting but I don't get leg cramps or backaches any more. It has been almost a year since my last session, and no problems.. she is well worth your time if you have a desire to be healthy.


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