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Gentle Effective Treatment for Infants and Children



Infants and children respond wonderfully well to hands-on treatment for a variety of issues.  Addressing problems early can prevent a lifetime of difficulties! 


Common problems for children that respond well to treatment:

         Physical traumas

         Auto accidents

         Sports injuries

         Pain in muscles or joints

         Movement restrictions

         Poor posture

         Alignment issues


         Toe walking

         General anxiety

         Problems that don't resolve entirely with other treatments



Common problems for infants that respond well to treatment:   


            Birth Injuries

            Misshapen head


            Feeding/Nursing Difficulties

            Tongue Tie/Lip Tie

            Digestive Issues

            Pronounced Startle Response



Treatments are always tailored to your little one’s comfort and tolerance.  The goal is to make it a happy, positive experience for them.  Sessions are shorter than adult sessions.

Infants can be treated in the parent’s lap or the therapist’s lap, or either seated or lying down on a pillow or on the treatment table.  Younger children can receive a session on the treatment table or on a blanket on the floor.  Clothing and diapers can remain on during the session.  Have a toy or two on hand in case they need something to focus on briefly.

Most little ones quickly learn they feel better after a session and will be more relaxed and confident with any follow-up session that may be necessary.


One mother’s experience …

My infant daughter has been so helped by Sharalee! She was tongue tied and we found that the sessions with Sharalee really helped rehabilitate her mouth and tongue after her tongue tie revision, improving her latch when feeding. I wish I had before and after pictures to share. The change in her face was very visible! I loved Sharalee’s gentle and respectful way of handling and talking to my baby. It was always a positive experience for my little one who doesn’t normally love people touching her mouth. I wish all new mothers knew about how much their little ones could be helped by this therapy! – Annie Unser


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